Friday 23 March 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

We have decided to join the social media frenzy and start up a blog.  What you should expect on our blog?  Hot deals, exciting news and events that our happening in our neighborhood.  We will also post all of comments from guests and visitors!  We hope you not only enjoy the articles we are posting but you also take advantage and join the conversation.
Your Host,


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to your upcoming blog posts. I like to follow blogs related to travel, food, and wine, which is how I came upon your site. Your B&B sounds like a great place to stay. You may want to incorporate some photos of the inn, as well as maybe recipes or pictures of the breakfasts. There is nothing quite like a photo to bring your blogs to life. Happy blogging.

    1. Hi Marc . Thank you for your suggestion ; as an owner operator is not enough time to take care of every aspect of business/advertising ; our establishment is very atrractive , one of the kind building , great views of Vancouver and comfortable well appointed rooms.
      I'm going to add some of the pictures but meanwhile please click on our website / video .
      Warm greetings from beautiful Vancouver .